Why Our Happiness is Money-Wired Wrongly

Is money really the key to happiness?

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Resist Social Comparison

The Ebbinghaus Illusion. (from Wikipedia)
brain doodle
brain doodle
When it comes to money matters, our brains are inherently wired to think wrongly.

People would prefer to earn less money as long as they made more than their peers rather than make more but have less than their peers. — Solnick & Hemenway

“The concept of reference points and social comparison further extends to our grades, physical appearance, and our relationships. All these can easily define our way of thinking – and eventually, our perspective of happiness.”

Seek Time Affluence

person writing on top of a mountain
person writing on top of a mountain
Time affluence is the feeling that one has sufficient time to pursue personally meaningful activities (Photo from Unsplash)

Experiential purchases, not material ones, make a person feel more alive and less vulnerable to social comparison.— Hill

Rewire Your Happiness

Money is a great tool but never the end goal.

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